Isabelle Robin, specialist in animal, nature and imaginary paintings

Isabelle Robin, who originates from Bourgogne, then moved a few years ago to her colourful workshop in the Lot-et-Garonne. Her passion for drawing and painting pushed her to make it her main activity. From her teenage years she was able to devote herself to her paintings. After following drawing and painting lessons and after studying paintings of Leonard de Vinci, Michel Angelo, Van Gogh and even Cezanne, she was able to help her technique evolve. As the years went on, she was able to refine her way of working to give her public quality creations. Even a walk in the woods gives her inspiration, she can make a painting come alive with her brush and crayon, and in front of your eyes you can see the fauna and flora. She will spend hours just painting or drawing fish and shells. A visit to the zoo can transform its self into a series of animal portraits. Every animal becomes an exceptional subject. So much that Isabelle has specialised herself in animal paintings.


Her own colours

Having more strings to her bow, she is capable of playing with her imagination and producing a painting called "Les Sentiments". Depending on which subject to treat and the artists importance, she wants to give to the situation, she will do an aquarelle, forge a board with acrylic, execute a pastel or draw with ink or even crayons. To sublimate her work, she has a secret. She makes her own colours with a primary disc. The black will give all its splendour when its created by Isabelle. If black doesn't find its identity in traditional colour pallets, in the heart of Isabelle Robins workshop, it is treated like a king, which allows her to decline shades of grey which ennobles her creations.


Isabelle Robin in her studio.
Isabelle Robin in her studio.

Isabelle and her series of  "Les Sentiments".
Isabelle and her series of "Les Sentiments".